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Henrun Gate

  • $70.00

For $70 we will sell you a gate (with hinges and a latch) and two 1.2m hardwood gate posts. We used to make readymade henruns but ended up with lots of short lengths of cut wire when people miscalculated the length needed. What you do is hammer the gateposts into the ground, attach the gate and latch and then shoot off to the local hardware store and buy some cheap chookwire, some tomato stakes and cable ties and then, hey presto, you can make your henrun as big as you like (and/or move it around). Alternatively you could order one of our Henrun Kits and we will install it for you and just charge you for what you needed or sell you the bits to install yourself.

Henrun Gate
Henrun GateHenrun Gate

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