How Renting Works

When Rentachook is operational (see note on the home page about writing a book) we offer a rental service to allow people to try keeping chooks to see if it suits them without having to commit to keeping them permanently.

Like a try-before-you-buy option, what happens is you buy the Eco-Coop package outright (a coop, 2 hens, feeder, waterer, food and straw) but have 6 weeks to decide if keeping chooks is right for you, your lifestyle, your garden etc. 

For $100 plus a $350 deposit ($450 total)* we will supply you (providing advice and answering questions) a fully equipped Eco-Coop complete with 2 hens and all their requirements.

This means that if you need to convince a spouse or partner you can say (with your hand on your heart) "It only costs us $100 to give it a go Dear, and if it doesn't work out, they will take the coop and chooks back."

The period of rental is 6 weeks, however this time can be changed by arrangement.

So basically, all you need to do is purchase the Eco-Coop Package and give it a test drive!

Note:   The rental return option applies to all of the coops we sell, not just the standard (2 hen) coop.  You have the same option with the Midi coop (up to 4 hens).

"But what happens if I just want to buy?” no problem, all the coops and other products are offered for sale as well as rent have a look at the Eco Products catalog. The renting is just an option to return the chooks if it doesn't work out for you.

*Plus delivery (please see below)

Terms and Conditions

The fine print, please read.